Truth and One Application

Messages from the Mythical

Truth matters absolutely. The nature of truth requires that I value truth before my own preferences. Truths are true no matter that I ignore or disagree with them.

Here is a simple truth on a particular subject. Human life has intrinsic value and meaning. Its Creator and Designer has clearly expressed this truth, in both word and action. *

Here is a conclusion which I draw from that truth: if you are a supporter of legal abortion or Planned Parenthood, you are making a truth claim against the intrinsic value of all human beings.

You are claiming that human beings receive their value extrinsically; that we each are granted value from another party outside of ourselves. You are claiming that value is granted by an outside entity according its own standard.

You are a defender of the belief that some people are valuable, and that other people are not valuable. Which means that…

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1 thought on “Truth and One Application

  1. ColorStorm

    ‘Absolutely.’ True is true if nobody agrees. Sunlight does not need our approval before the truth of light and heat is expressed.

    And yet, people value dogs more than humans.

    Translation: they really have no right then to care for animals or be so blessed with offspring, if life does not hold absolutes.



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