Why oh why

We try to clean ourselves up for other people’s assessments, but fate laughs.

We had an installer in for a new internet service company. Realizing I could not shower before he arrived because others who needed to go to work would need that bathroom time, I compromised and quickly changed into clean clothes, washed face and brushed teeth. No one will know. We shower ridiculously often in America.

I straightened up the living areas where he would have to work. He won’t need to go anywhere else.

Turns out we need a “beacon” plugged in to an inside wall on the second floor. Thinking quickly, I offer him my room where I know a wall plug is easily accessible, a little corner between my bureau and the TV cabinet.

Inches from the used underwear I threw on the floor.

Because I tried to be a presentable human being.

Because my hamper is down in the cellar with my clean wash. The bed isn’t anything like “made” either.

How about that time the former owners of our house happened to be in town and stopped by to take a look at their old beloved home? That was the day the kids were extra wacky and I decided not to pick up, do the dishes yet, or sweep the floor. The floor reeeeally needed sweeping.

It was horrifying. Yeah, we’re basically tearing your old homestead down. And I’m remembering pictures taken at homes they’ve had to remove children from with refuse a foot high. No kidding, the kids’ rooms looked like that sometimes.

They looked all through the house. I know, they came unannounced so that was their gamble. They never made it again.

I’m sure there’s something to be learned here other than to decide to live in a constant state of shame over my inept housekeeping. I’m just not sure what it is.


8 thoughts on “Why oh why

  1. Tricia

    I can totally relate to his and know exactly what you mean, lol! On the one hand we really shouldn’t care what others think about the shape our house is in. We do though, at least I do, just can’t help it.

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  2. Wally Fry

    Well, this is to0 funny. My work crew does that…TV and internet installs and repair. I can so relate from the opposite perspective! Trust me, undies is far from the worst thing we see. I bet it didn’t even get on the guys radar.

    Liked by 1 person


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