“No person should be forced out of the only place they’ve ever called home.”

Cecile Richards quotes are irony gold. I wonder if it’s possible for her to say, “Pass the salt” without the cook questioning his over-seasoning. Maybe it’s all been a brilliant conceptual stand-up act and literally everything she says is backwards.

Remember while you read that Cecile Richards, during her tenure as President of Planned Parenthood, presided over the termination of many millions of unborn human beings. Please read each quote, pause, and reflect before you read the next.

The next generation is what gives me hope.

Someone always has to be the mom.

Part of the way you win is by being good at strategy. Part of the way you also win is by surviving, and enjoying yourself, having more fun than the other side, and persisting.

Everyone deserves health care.

Early on, I had an experience that crystallized for me why the fight for reproductive rights—the fight to give every person the opportunity and freedom to live their best life—is so important.

Planned Parenthood may have been the only thing standing between them and an uncertain future.

I hope that we leave here even more inspired to fight for all people. Because nobody is free until everybody is free.

We believe health care isn’t a privilege. It’s a fundamental human right.

No human is illegal.

Whatever the future holds, I’ll always be committed to that revolutionary idea and all those who refuse to settle for a world where women are anything less than full equals.

No person should be forced out of the only place they’ve ever called home.


7 thoughts on ““No person should be forced out of the only place they’ve ever called home.”

  1. xPraetorius

    Wow! The QUEEN, the EMPRESS, the SULTANA, the ALL-TIME-CHAMPION of irony! The last one is the most ironic. Great compilation, MB! Thank you for finding all these.


    — x

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