Advice for New Writers (Who actually wants to make it *_*) PT II

The second installment from the Sage.

Strange Dreams

It’s been a week since my last guide, and it seems you still want to be a writer. You won’t stop sending me messages, sending me e-mails, sending me hand-written missives that ask, “How? How can we be writers?” I get not a wink of rest or repose. I am tormented, so I will throw you, my loyal readers, this bone.

Last week we talked about taking your writing seriously. We talked about only writing in a field with which you are familiar, and we talked about how emotional attachment has no place on the basketball court or on your keyboard.

Today we will delve into some of the scarier stuff. Buckle up tight and hold on to your butts!

  1. Build your platform

This is an important one that almost always gets overlooked. You need to already have a readership before you publish a book, preferably before you even start…

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