There are Only Two Sides

Those who are swept into agreement with what’s the most fervently held popular views because everybody agrees are going to be stunned to find that the truth, God’s view, though it be held by no one but Him, is the only view, the correct view; and that any other view is utterly condemned.

Such are we when we side with political/social movements because we want to think we are the more compassionate people, because we lazily believe the poison pouring out of our screens or speakers, indeed when we choose to side with a side—identify with a tribe.

We had better quickly leave behind our half-measures to be useful for the moment, and join the only party who matters, the only One who is right, the One who will prevail. It is only His righteous way which will ever accomplish the ultimate right anyway. Forbid that we should align ourselves with anything lesser!

The time may be here very soon when we will clearly see that every side has lined up in opposition to the One side, and you and I had better be on His side.

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