The Atheist Cacangelist

“And to some extent the Church in Britain is to blame for this – divided, defensive and dumbed down, it has created a ghetto mentality and a Christian market, with the result that any attempt to break out of that is met by defeatism at home, and derision abroad.“…This sadly sounds like the Church in our locale as well, perhaps in the forseeable future if we do not turn it around. A Christian side culture is necessarily on the margin, and it is a ghetto in terms of quality.

Screenshot 2018-11-03 at 09.30.50Richard Dawkins is reigniting his career as an atheist cacangelist.   What you may ask is a cacangelist?  Its a new word (I think) which should not be added to our dictionary.   The word evangelist comes from the Greek – meaning the messenger of good news.  I have often described Richard Dawkins as an atheist evangelist…but it doesn’t really work because atheism has no good news.  So since the word ‘cac’ means bad (in English it has a similar more rough but equally appropriate meaning)…it seems to me that cacangelist (messenger of bad news) fits Dawkins and his like perfectly….there is no God, there is no good and evil in the universe, there is no purpose…and if you get cancer etc thats just your bad luck…You are a blob of carbon going from one meaningless existence to another.

Richard Dawkins is in the process of bringing out a childrens book seeking…

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