Clueless Activism

Whether to weigh in or not. I’m off FB and formerly non-political IG is almost as bad.

I’m frankly nauseated by the torrent of black squares posted by comfortable white women. Wasn’t the goal to step aside so black voices could be heard? All down with that, but let me just post five times that day that I’m muted, and hashtag black lives matter, then replace that hashtag with something else, then another something else, then tell everyone to delete their black squares. Because you’re still shutting black people out.

White people literally could not shut up. But everybody has to know that I think the right things!

Virtue signaling. Paternalism. We don’t need to help black people speak.

White people, shut up! — if you want to let minorities speak. Black people do not need to hear the views of this white woman. Who cares? 

Besides I’d rather do something actual, than something symbolic. And giving money to—you don’t know who —for you don’t really know what purpose — because it has a right sounding name? Do your research. Symbolic, and probably destructive. Dumb.

Here’s my incendiary take. You may not want to read it.

If protests were honestly against systemic violence toward black people, they would be protesting outside Planned Parenthood facilities, which  kills 3 times more black children than other children, and locates its clinics overwhelmingly in minority communities. PPFA is committing a genocide against African Americans every single day.

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