Two opposing goals

There are two opposite goals at work.

Protesters exercising their Constitutional rights peacefully, within the law, voicing their objection to a heinous injustice. At the other end of the spectrum are dishonest opportunists wreaking havoc toward  destruction to achieve political agendas.

The first group’s goal is the restoration or establishment of justice, equality, order, lawfullness, peace.

The second is creating chaos in order to bring about a different kind of change, and I ask you: what change comes from violence, fear, destruction,and societal breakdown?

There is a very bright, good thing to be seen here. At least for the first few days, it was encouraging to see that Mr. Floyd’s murder was universally and unequivocally condemned. Everyone just KNEW it was wrong. Everyone was on the same page

Which shows  that we all really believe in justice, compassion and equality. We know evil when we see it and we all agree on that. We long for justice and lawfulness. We’re outraged at its perversion.

(Yes, everyone. Obama and Trump said exactly the same things. Rush had no tolerance on his program for anything but outrage for Mr. Floyd’s murder.)

And nearly everyone was supportive of real protests.

That universality is being drowned out now in favor of same-old-same-old. “F. T.”…black vs white, R vs D…and isn’t obvious by now? If you dont know that there are people who will use every crisis to engineer their political agenda, cynically and without any care for the victims, then you are willingly naive, and probably giving fuel to their fire. Those cynical opportunists may be few, but they are there and we have to be wise to them and make them powerless.

I will even allow that  there are people who are honestly thinking violent protest will bring about good change. They are wrong.  And I’ll assume that sometimes one kind of protest devolves into the other in spite of good intentions. I’ll also assume that there are police reactions which are just as lawless as the original crime.

Given all that, does it really make sense to support the violence and destruction? Or would it make sense to support actions that work toward justice, construction and lawfullness?

Is everything about Orange Man Bad? No! Do not let the good reform that can be achieved devolve into political S.O.P.

Do not take your eyes off George Floyd. It’s about him, and what we can do to bring about justice for him and for others like him. To make sure we become a society that doesn’t tolerate what happened to him — a just society.

That is done by bringing all those complicit to the force of the law. A police department and a city government that tolerated people like those police officers representing the LAW needs to be brought to justice and replaced from the ground up.

Excepting cynical forces sowing destruction and hate— what we ALL want is for the law to be lawful and just, applied equally.

It’s  about bringing about justice, Isn’t it?

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