If we sing a song all together

…which from its first phrase alienates all people of faith

…faith which built civilizations, particularly Judeo-Christian faith which created Western Civilization and gave us justice, other-centeredness, charity, the conception of human equality, the erasure of which would witness the rushing in of their opposites

…nothing supernatural to our existence, no consequence to our lives, no significance of our deaths; nothing but what we can see, no transcendence, no meaning, no purpose

…then goes on to wish for a world with “no countries”

…no nations, no borders, no establishment of lawful bodies which protect the weak from the powerful. In other words, anarchy and the rise of tribalism and brutal tyrants with no other qualification than raw power

…the mass of humanity suffering helplessly under warring megalomaniacs

…and we declare that “then the world would be as one”:

Then we advertise our allegiance to arrogance, slavish peer dependence, and simple stupidity. 

This is not a beautiful song. It was meant to be a message of hate for perceived social enemies. You may marvel at his talent but in this case, not his insight.  This is possibly the most vapid lyric ever put to paper. It is simple-minded nonsense which could only be wished for by the ultra-privileged, cushioned from the mundane cares most of us tend every day.

Listen once more. Try to notice who is left out of this supposedly united world. Anyone of any faith. Any poor person who looks to some lawful body to protect his access to necessities. Anyone under the crush of many of our world’s oppressive states. The victims, the powerless, the vulnerable. Anyone who clings to faith while immersed in an existence these singers would consider nightmare dystopia.

Because, you know, in places where they rejected the idea of heaven, justice, compassion and peace became the norm.

One world united under faithlessness, anarchy and oppression. A garden of delights for the pretty people, the rich, the right-thinking. Like the elite-signaling who sing it.





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