Lord, Have Mercy. People, Give Us a Break

Has anybody noticed we’re not talking about George Floyd anymore? Or even his murderers?

I don’t know about you but as of the end of April, I thought I was carrying all the burden I could. A global pandemic scared the crap out of me and every day I was managing the max amount of stress.

Apparently some people weren’t that worried, because they decided this would be an excellent time for total societal destruction followed by a Marxist revolution. I marvelled at their timing for about 40 seconds.

How I wish George Floyd had followed a pandemic stay-at-home order that day. We all watched the video of a cold blooded murder and we were all appalled. We wanted the murderers brought to justice. We agreed that now would be a good time to examine our society for the vestiges of racism. We planned peaceful protests as encouraged by our founding documents and principles to petition our gov’t for positive change. To remember our principles of justice and equality and to see that we commit afresh to living them.

But we innocent lambs go about our business as though there are no agendas waiting to pounce on our way of life, no -isms opposed to ours, no unprincipled powers who would use our good will to usher in their own power structures. There are.

They usurped our good intentions to drive us to their own destinations.

My friends by the droves sent money to a right sounding slogan. They sent money to a slogan. Unfortunately the money went to an organization which wasnt even a charity.

Let it be said that “Black Lives Matter” spoken by a white person is the most paternalistic and presumptuous expression known. If that isn’t an expression from the perspective of white superiority I don’t know what is.

It really was time to shut up and listen to grievances. Then act to correct what we could so the disenfranchised children don’t have the same grievances years from now. But that legitimate opportunity has been lost, co-opted and drowned out by people who Just. Want. Power. at any cost.

My question is this: how much can the public bear? How much longer before people just turn it all off, fetal-curled on the floor? I’m ready for some relief from man’s inhumanity to man, displayed 24/7 on megaphones outside our windows.

And if by chance we should miss a bit of outrage, one or two of our friends feels the need to have us join them in the pearl-clutch.

We can’t take this level of stress forever. Let us have something positive for just a minute.

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