As a Christian, How Can I Support Trump?

I’ll make this a nutshell kind of answer to all the millenial hand-wringers who stress about how Christians can supprt the uncooler boogieman in the race. How can I be OK with voting for the uncool tweeter?

If you can assent to voting for a ticket whose platform is legal and unrestricted abortion up until birth, you have a far greater ability to rationalize away evil things than I.

4 thoughts on “As a Christian, How Can I Support Trump?

  1. dolphinwrite

    The difficulty is to think, see, and research outside emotions. Understanding leads emotions. Emotions don’t determine my choices. I will vote for a candidate, even if my own livelihood takes a hit, because I’m voting for what is best for America and the next generation. However, over time, it will be good for me as well. It’s more than abortion, though that’s one I look at first. It’s supporting the Constitution, Bill of Rights, and all people, with responsibility.

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