Revelations 11:10

I am reminded of this future event, the present “mood.”

It’s not the demise of God’s prophets, not even close. But it is the merrymaking over the destruction of someone, so they think, and of all who they attach to him.

Of course–it’s all about peace, love and understanding. Free at last. The Wicked Witch is dead, ding dong.

It’s the merrymaking of hate. And I can feel it directed toward me.

2 thoughts on “Revelations 11:10

  1. Chado

    Well said.
    My leftist brother recently asked me “come on, when has another person actually called you a racist or a Nazi face-to-face?”
    But the truth is any time the hateful fake news media say this about conservatives in general I feel it personally.
    Interesting times.

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    1. madblog Post author

      I realize I’ve been unfollowed by loved ones, a dear friend removed his post because I commented. People are dancing in the streets like the wicked witch is dead. It’s a holiday and obviously we are dismissed. Not to mention they are compiling an enemies list and vowing to punish. But you know, hate has no home there.



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