I have devoted a lion’s share of this blog to the issue of life. To express the truth on the negative side of that coin, this blog has been about death. I have written about abortion.

Here is a representative list of my thoughts so far.

Mary Had a Baby:

One Hundred Years of Death:

Life Debate ABC’s:

Do We Still Recognize Exploitation?:


Why Defend Planned Parenthood?:

What If:

Being Bullies:

I Am Officially Against Genocide:

In the Mirror:

We Kill the Weak:

The Wrong Side of History and Cultural Change:

The Worst Thing Women Believe:

Why Do You Champion Genocide?:

What’s Wrong with Genocide?:

At Least I Have a Napkin to Go With Those Plastic Spoons:

War on Children:

Irony Gold:

Three Kinds of Tragedy:

Pro-Choice is not the Virtuous Choice:

Help for Africa:

…”but some everyones are more equal than others.”:

Can We Stop an International Roe v. Wade?:

We Are a Plague; Or At Least You Are:

Quit Insulting Women:

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