Celebrity Preacher Expresses Contempt for Trump Voters and Justifies Voting Pro-Death as Morally Superior to Voting for an Icky Man

If we cannot even resolve to protect the lives of the most innocent and vulnerable of human beings who bear God’s image, all our do-gooding is farce.

We do the latter and leave the former undone. This position is morally bankrupt. The protection of innocent life is fundamental to a moral ethic. To be dismissive of the priority of protecting life is to make your whole ethic nonsensical.

To be concerned that some children suffer poverty or disenfranchisement while being less concerned that millions of children are killed is moral derangement. No rights or privileges can be granted if the children are dead.

It is to support a two-tier ethic in which it is immoral to deny a first world living standard to some children but mildly unfortunate to deny life to other children.

These thoughts do not derive from Scripture. An ethic which suggests there are some valuable and others not does not come from God’s Word. One that tells us “Do not speak up for those who cannot speak for themselves” has nothing to say.


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