Not Welcome at the Cool Kids’ Table

People unfollowed me.

Friends dont talk to me.

Relatives ignore me.

Snide comments. “Make sure they do the count right.”

A Christian brother tells me I am being oppressive, a broken record, demands that I change the subject, make FB a positive place. It’s hate. He begged to be blocked. Blocked.

Our decades-old friend became personal and accusatory. Unfriended.

Progressives, it seems, all feminists and of the resistance…cannot tolerate a female expressing her views because those thoughts are out of step. “Get over it!” Go along. Let’s put away division and unify. Don’t kill our buzz.

The proud resistance cannot tolerate a woman expressing opinions out of step with the majority. Cannot abide non conformity. They shun someone speaking unpopular thoughts. Ironic, no?

True “Resistors?” They would approve of someone voicing unpopular opinions. They would support the out of step one. They would cheer real resistance.

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