Advice Please

Calling on my blogging friends to advise me. Several years ago, I posted a picture on a post which I found googling. The photographer has contacted me, demanding that I remove it. He has sent an invoice and claims that I infringed on copyright.

He has begun to harrass me, sending several emails a day, threatening to report me for copyright infringement, and listing the penalties.

I deleted the photos after his first request.

Is this a scam or an unhinged harrasser?

3 thoughts on “Advice Please

  1. Belinda

    Do you make money on your blog? I don’t really know anything about this, but common sense says, if you were not using the photo for gain, and you removed it when asked, to dun you is harassment.


    1. madblog Post author

      I do not, and I have pointed out that I have had very few readers. Several threatening emails today equals harassment in my opinion. If he had made a reasonable case that I owe him, I would probably have complied. But the aggressive nature of his emails has me wondering if it’s a scam, or if he has been hacked.

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