Things Democrats Don’t Mind Now

A list of things so far that liberals don’t have a problem with since they are happening under a Democrat:

Kids in cages. Kids crossing the border with coyotes, being trafficked. Kids held in detention. Kids ripped from their mothers’ arms. Kids exposed to covid in crowded cages.

Blue states re-opening 100%.

Border crossing immigrants who test positive with Covid-19 not quarantining but getting on buses and traveling to your home town. Because there’s no possibility of superspreader events.

Absurd, incoherent or nasty public comments by the POTUS.

The nation’s capitol fenced off from its citizens. Indefinite military occupation of our capitol.

Nursing homes being forced to accept infectious covid patients into their general population so that covid spreads among the most vulnerable people like wildfire. Many thousands dying because of these deliberate policies. As long as the governor is a Democrat.

It’s not an exhaustive list! I am certain we will be adding to it over the next few years. I welcome your suggestions.

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