100 Years Ago Today

My mother was born on April 30, 1921. She would have been 100 years old today.

When my great nephew was told that his great grandmother had passed way, he was disappointed. “Now she won’t make it to 100.”

She made it to 96 1/2. That last year, I had occasion more than once to say to her that getting to be almost 100 was quite an accomplishment, that she didn’t have anything to prove, that she should relax, and that to accept help when you’ve attained such an age was no shame.
She did not listen. Her atty-tood endured to the end. But I guess that’s how you get to be almost 100.

We threw her a surprise party on her 70th birthday, then on her 80th, then on her 90th. What a party we would have had this year.

Happy Birthday, Marguerite Theresa Smith Mercer.

My First Holy Communion. She made my dress.

Her 90th birthday party.

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