Things We Don’t Realize Reek of Priviledge

Being able to choose to work from home/ being able to stay home and stay safe

Being oblivious to the huge number of Americans who have had to keep working outside the home during the pandemic

Not caring that your grocery checkout person has been working every day while you refuse to go back to work teaching even after you’ve been vaccinated

Criticizing others for not getting a vaccination not available to most people in the world

Criticizing others for getting a vaccine because you expect your immune system to make illnesses minor, treatable events

Criticizing people who protest lockdowns as murderers

Cancelling people

Indulging in thinking within the context of the lockdown culture and all its nuances of change..but only for your socioeconomic group

Being a celebrity/ rock star/ actor/ media spokesperson

Appearing in video or film indulging in expensive hobbies such as surfing, traveling, or whatever the latest expensive fad is

Being a college student

Being a protester

Being an activist/ being an activist/ being an activist/ being an activist

Spending time on social media/ spending time playing games/ spending time and money cosplaying

Changing your gender/ deciding to be gender fluid or transgender

Making your parents support your identity crises

Manipulating your parents

Crushing your parents with your sanctimonious self indulgence

Extolling the virtues of traveling as the alternative lifestyle to having children. Extolling the high-mindedness of a life of travel. Traveling.

That’s my list so far.

17 thoughts on “Things We Don’t Realize Reek of Priviledge

  1. scatterwisdom

    Good reminder of the freedom of choice.

    Frankly, while I personally do not believe some of the choices listed are wise or foolish.

    However, freedom to choose is still a better choice than the alternatives so long as the choosers “do unto others as they would want done to them.”

    Regards and goodwill blogging.


  2. Salvageable

    “Everyone to whom much was given, of him much will be required, and from him to whom they entrusted much, they will demand the more” (Luke 12:48). Sadly, these words are often used to accuse and assign blame to others, when they are meant more for us to measure and weigh ourselves and seek how the blessings in our lives can be put to work for His kingdom. J.


  3. Salvageable

    I tried to reply earlier, but it disappeared.
    “Everyone to whom much was given, of him much will be required, and from him to whom they entrusted much, they will demand the more.” Sadly, this truth from Jesus is often misused to point fingers of blame at others rather than to judge ourselves. If we are privileged, we also have responsibilities for our neighbors. If the Lord has entrusted us with manifold blessings, he also has high expectations of us. J.


  4. Chado

    Great list.
    I would add caring about football and hockey, both of which require loads of industrial plastic to sustain the game and only interest people from N. America and Northern Europe.

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        1. madblog Post author

          All I know is that there usually seems to be some sort of projectile, and that people lose their minds when one side scores more than the other one.


        2. Chado

          Ha ha ha we think much alike.
          Must be something in the Roxy . . .

          I must admit though. I do like watching World Cup. And I actually played Little league as a kid, although I barely remember the RULES of baseball today 🤩

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  5. Salvageable

    Jesus said something to the effect that from those who are given much, much is required. Of course he is in charge of the measuring and the expectations. We can judge ourselves; judging one another–not so much. And God’s grace overcomes all judgments.
    J. (Hah-got through the wordpress blockage this time!)

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  6. madblog Post author

    Yay Roxy. BTW we saw BF on tour before the shutdown. He was so happy, having fun, giving the fans what they wanted. Have you had the pleasure?



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