Suspending Reality

You can have my acquiescence to your personal pronoun since it is a harmless act of politeness, but you cannot manipulate me into suspending my understanding of objective reality to the point of making biological sex distinctions erased.

I will call you Sue when you started off Mike but you cannot make me believe that there is no such thing as female and male. That the physical expression of our gender means nothing, that our sex is merely a mind game with no reflection in objective reality. For anyone, anywhere.

I respect your humanity and your preference to be referred to as you wish. But you should not and cannot make me believe there is no such thing as maleness and femaleness. Or that the distinctions are not true, real, valuable and beautiful.

2 thoughts on “Suspending Reality

  1. Chado

    I am for their liberty to be as confused and rebellious as they please. But don’t use my taxes to pay for their propaganda or their surgeries and expensive hormones. In the end, they are sinners (as I am also). We are all accountable to God for our rebellions.

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    1. madblog Post author

      In response to a person’s insistence that I acknowledge their self conception, I may want to refrain from likewise shoving in their face that I don’t believe them. I have a life and I choose not to die on other people’s hills.
      But no matter how polite I am, no one can force me to suspend my understanding of reality. No one has that right.

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