Unconnected Thoughts

Cancelling is the world’s response to offense. The world’s yardstick is very short. Sympathy, understanding, forgiveness and hope is God’s response to offense. But we should remember his response is also perfect justice.

Note what Jesus tells parables in response to! Notice context. His parable is often in response to an exchange or comment before, and the connection is not always apparent unless you are noticing. We tend to parse Scripture but we can learn much by stepping back and taking in a wider view.

The way of the world is suffering. Jesus came into our world to be subject to it just as we are. He remained subject to this world we had made, remained subject to its political machinations, up til his death.

We cannot know God fully, but we are known by him fully, thank God. We can pray He will reveal himself to us, and to others…rather than shoehorning Him into our little box and presenting Him as such.

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