An Incomplete Collection of Pro-Choice Lies

It is easy to put the lie to the rhetoric that the right to abortion is the key to female empowerment, freedom and equality: half of the babies aborted are women. Worldwide, more than half, because some cultures strongly value male heirs over worthless girls.

An unborn child’s dependence on its mother’s body is not an argument for abortion rights. Among civilized people, a baby’s dependence is an argument against the right to kill it.

The overturning of Roe is not a loss of freedom. It’s freedom for everyone and that’s a miraculous change.
I see the posts. You’re outraged. You’re scared. You’re beyond tired. But you ought to be relieved and rejoicing because you are an adult woman able to recognize that this is justice, a civil rights victory, the end of disenfranchisement for a whole class of human beings. The end of summary death for your most helpless countrymen. It means a chance for equality at the most fundamental level for every person. It makes us a kinder, more equitable, more civilized nation. It’s a victory for every American. We all ought to be dancing in the streets.

It makes us all safer. Why? Because we have delegitimized one significant expression of measuring the value of human beings in a relative manner. Our law at the federal level says that all persons, conception to tomb, are included in fundamental rights.

One of the saddest reveals today is how many Christians are first politically progressive, and second Christian.

This ruling should open the discussion about how we support women and babies in difficult circumstances: policy and law in government, as well as state encouragement for private charities. This is what would have been happening if abortion as panacea had not become our societal default.

Imagine for the last fifty years legal elective abortion had not been the law. Might we not have directed our efforts, at the state level toward supporting women in crisis pregnancies? Billions of dollars which we gave to Planned Parenthood might have been legislated to be directed to orgs that support women and children rather than funneling toward one deadly mechanism. We might have expanded support for private charities to do the same. Might pro-life perspectives have had an equal voice in the media culture?

What might you add?


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