More Pro-Choice Lies

How can your position be virtuous if it requires the destruction of the small, the helpless, the dependent, defenseless, the vulnerable ones, the undeveloped, the marginalized, the invisible, the powerless? The pro-life position does not require this, nor the dehumanization of either the mother or the child.

I will believe you care about the women facing unwanted pregnancies when I see your support for women who choose to keep their unplanned children—support for state programs and support for organizational and personal charity— with the same fervor with which you support the right to abort. It seems you only have passion for the elimination of their children, and no concern for the women after all.

I will believe you care about women facing unwanted pregnancies when I see your sympathy for women who have aborted, and who are suffering as a result: trauma, remorse, depression, anxiety, substance abuse, disordered relationships. When I see you allow those women to express regret publicly, when I see you campaign for mental health access and faith-based counseling for these problems.

I will believe you care about women facing unwanted pregnancies when I see you campaigning on social media for addressing the problems which lead women to seek abortions. Women are pressured by poverty, adverse living situations, and especially pressure from the babies’ fathers and their own families. Surrounded by a culture’s relentless advice to get rid of the pregnancy, what choices do they have? Do you really wish there was less need, or are you all in for shouting your abortion and expanding abortion culture to the ends of the earth?

I will believe you care about women facing unwanted pregnancies when you admit that women aren’t alone in their pregnancies, and that their babies’ fathers are equally responsible for their children, and that they should be accountable to the women and children. When you recognize that a problem pregnancy is a father’s problem too. That you think access to abortion lets men walk away from their responsibilities. That you realize that is an injustice, and that abortion rhetoric tells women that they are—and should be—on their own!

What can you add?


4 thoughts on “More Pro-Choice Lies

  1. jsneese62

    I will believe you care about women and unwanted pregnancies when you start teaching that life begins at conception and it is a human child from the start and alive.
    I am a 60 year old woman and I had three kids out of wedlock starting at the age of 18 years old. This was long before I was saved and birth control did not work for me. I kept my babies, but lost my youngest to SIDS in 1985 on Mother’s Day. My son once asked if they were mistakes and I told him to never let that cross his mind again because they were other than my salvation the greatest blessings I ever had in my life. Did I wish they had come along under different circumstances? Yes, but they were never mistakes to me.

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    1. madblog Post author

      Like the lawn signs say…believe in science. You have to deny science to be pro-abortion….please accept my sympathy on your great loss. I can’t imagine….We have two granddaughters conceived under less than desirable circumstances. They are the crown of our lives. They make us truly happy.

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  2. jsneese62

    In that science I do believe. I remember when I found out there is a spark of light at the moment of conception it made perfect sense to me. Thank you so much her loss still stings even after all this time, but I know I will see her again someday. I feel babies are always a blessing from God. My children and grandchildren make me truly happy too. Two of my four granddaughters were also conceived under less than desirable circumstances too.

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