Not a Bookbinder: What Am I?

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Maddy Tree Books

In my previous post,I Am Not a Bookbinder I wrote that I am not primarily a bookbinder, even though I make books and conduct a small business selling them. Now I am going to explain what I am instead of what I’m not.

I have created a business with art training (a BFA in Painting and Drawing) but with little bookbinding training. I’m a painter/drawer who has become a craftsperson. I make books, primarily the Japanese binding type. They are sketchbooks and art journals. I design and decorate the covers of these books using collage, marbled paper, handmade paper.

What business do I have marketing handmade books?Weakness: I took one survey course in bookbinding. No doubt there is a lot I don’t know.Strength: I took one survey course in bookbinding. In fact, I took one book I learned in that course, and turned it into a business…

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