A Better Solution

We place all our children in a central, showy location and ADVERTISE that it’s a gun-free zone. There are no weapons here, potential shooters. Don’t worry, the kids and the teachers are defenseless.

And then we blame other people when the kids actually are threatened or attacked. Somebody in the government should have done something to PREVENT this. The people not doing SOMETHING are cruel and selfish. They don’t care if kids_________________.

We social media complain about how dangerous being in school is for our kids, and virtue signal shake our heads about it.

And every school day, five days a week, 180 days a year, we send our kids to those schools.

Solution: if you are concerned about your child’s safety…don’t send them there.

Conversely, if you do send your kids there…I do not believe your parental fear or your virtue signal.

I’m a conservative but I would be behind gun restrictions if I thought that would prevent shootings. It definitely won’t. To think that gun legislation will equal zero more school shootings is magical thinking. In order to end mass shootings, we would need to literally disappear all guns, and that is not possible. Because it’s true that any remaining guns after a totalitarian confiscation (which would absolutely be necessary to collect all guns) would be liable to end up in the hands of the wrong people.

It’s magical thinking, it’s wishful thinking. It’s delusional. It makes them feel superior to say it and puts kids in danger.

So everybody virtuous is angry and outraged at what’s not being done and accusing everyone who isn’t doing what they want of horrible things. They will not consider any other solutions or discuss whether their solutions would work.

If my kids were school aged, I wouldn’t send them now unless there were designated not-obvious armed people on staff, trained to react appropriately in the event of such an emergency. And that fact was advertised. There is no other solution I can see.

For the record, I did not send my kids to school. We homeschooled, for many reasons.

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