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SHOCKER: Almost half of all abortions performed worldwide are unsafe, reveals WHO

Almost half of all abortions performed worldwide are unsafe, reveals WHO

Really, almost half? So more than half of the babies survive?…No, really? Who ever heard of an unsafe abortion?

A procedure performed at a facility with minimal clinical safety requirements, possibly by someone who is not an M.D., the purpose of which is to suddenly halt a healthy pregnancy by extracting the fetus, which may include inserting cutting instruments through the cervix into the uterus and dismembering the fetus, or transforming the nurturing fluid in which the fetus thrives into a hostile burning solution then vacuuming the contents of the uterus…can be unsafe?

Concise and correct response to headline: All abortions are by definition “unsafe”. Every single one results in a killed child. Abortion does not exactly sound safe for the women either.

Let’s take a look at this piece. First, the article is written not from an objective perspective but promotes one side of an entrenched debate. Bias is all over it. Witness the “Mexico City Policy” renamed the” Global Gag Rule”. “Experts say the proposed cuts, together with the reimposition of the restrictive Mexico City policy (also known as the Global Gag rule) which forbids US federal funds to any organisation that counsels women on abortion, can only make things worse.” What kind of “experts,” and could you find a less informative adjective than “worse”?

Second, how are statistics on illegal abortions validated? I am dubious of the legitimacy of numbers given on procedures which are designed to be hidden because of illegality or societal disapproval. Official records are maintained? So those numbers (which are helpful to said bias) are suspect.

Look at the bar chart. Looks like North America is Abortion Heaven, doesn’t it?  That doesn’t square with the apocalyptic hysteria from Planned Parenthood.

The article unwittingly hints at one of the actual problems for women in less developed countries: lack of “well developed health infrastructures”.

“They say women may die as a result of more serious complications because of the dangerous methods used to bring about an abortion – and their health services may then not have the skills or resources to treat them.”

I’m going to surmise that any  procedure performed at a facility lacking basic clinical safeguards, medically qualified clinicians, or well developed health infrastructures is much less safe than any procedure performed in first-world facilities. Abortion is selectively highlighted, and they literally don’t care about the other items.

Where are the billionaire celebrity philanthropists and childless world politicians when Africa needs basic medical infrastructure? Their generosity is conditional and laser-focused: kill more babies and we’ll give you the means (to kill more babies). Helping you with basic medical care doesn’t make me sexy enough.

Other internal contradictions: abortion by pill is unsafe, then it’s safe. “…and of them 17.1 million were unsafe because the woman was taking pills alone” but “Safe abortion is a very safe procedure…It isn’t even necessary that it has to be a procedure. Now you can use tablets.”

And here, according to my research, is an urban myth, an outright lie: “There was no evidence that the Gag rule resulted in a decrease in the incidence of abortion,” she said. A couple of studies in sub-Saharan Africa had suggested it led to an increase as a result of the shrinking of contraception provision by NGOs.”

In reality, under the Mexico City Policy, organizations may still give contraceptives, post-abortive care, prenatal care, and even advise and refer abortions where it is legal, and under several circumstances such a rape. Some organizations, such a International Planned Parenthood choose to leave rather than have restrictions imposed upon them, leaving women without care. Here is a comprehensive assessment:

Let’s keep hope for a world where most people care about the health of everyone, both mothers and children.





Ten (Bad, But Popular) Arguments for Abortion

This, from Public Discourse:

Ten (Bad, But Popular) Arguments for Abortion

6. The Botched Illegal Back-Alley Abortion. With considerable indignation, students frequently protest that if abortion is banned, then women will die in back-alley abortions. These deaths, indeed, are double tragedies, for they take two lives.
How common—and how dangerous—were back-alley abortions before Roe? How common and how dangerous would they be if abortion were made illegal in some states? The cogency of this pro-abortion argument depends on the answers to these empirical questions.
Even before answering them, though, we have to ask whether permitting abortion would be a sensible and ethical response to the occurrence of dangerous back-alley abortions. Fetuses and newborns have comparable metaphysical and moral status, rendering their deaths more or less equally harmful. If parents were accidentally killing themselves in attempts to commit back-alley infanticides, the correct response from society would not be to legalize infanticide and train personnel to kill in a manner that is safer for the parents. If the dangers of self-inflicted wounds would not warrant legalizing infanticide, why would life-endangering back-alley abortions?

One Woman’s Mission to Expose the Western-Funded Abortion Industry in Africa

One Woman’s Mission to Expose the Western-Funded Abortion Industry in Africa

Obianuju Ekeocha is an African pro-life advocate who is making a documentary: “Killing Africa.” Excerpts from this article:

“It will show a side of Africa never covered by the usual international press. The main ones are CNN and BBC. They ignore stories that don’t fit a certain narrative. All these news organizations are interested in is showing how much Western funding given to Africa for ‘reproductive health’ and ‘family planning.’
The new film will show exactly what happens at the end of these “reproductive health” funding streams. It will show how abortion is being pushed by Western organizations in Africa. And it will show how abortion is inflicting so much pain on African women.”

” Another aspect of the documentary will show the heart-wrenching end result of some of the multi-million dollar contraception projects. Poor and rural women suffer the debilitating side effects (everything from numbness, to headaches, dizziness, sporadic bleeds and loss of libido). Most of these women didn’t just decide to use artificial contraceptives. They were talked into Western-sponsored “free” contraception. Yet when they struggled under the side effects, they had no money to go to the hospital to get treated or have them removed.”

Their voices are some of the world’s ignored and unheard voices.”

Help for Africa

If we’re talking about the progressive West’s perspective of the African continent, paternalist and elitist are the kindest descriptors that can be used.

Trudeau to Send Millions

But I would use words like racist, extortionist, megalomaniac, xenophobe…… These wealthiest of the wealthy, whitest of the white statesmen from the wealthiest places in human history dictating to their poorer and less-white neighbors, coercing them to eliminate their children.

Who is imperial? Who is the force behind injustice? Who is the self-appointed arbiter of the value of human life? I’m afraid it’s “progressives.”

It sure sounds like a march back toward the past to me–the very ugliest of our past. Why don’t you just say what you mean: There are too many of you dark people using up my resources. Here’s money. Kill more of them.

My church recently sent our pastor and another elder to Liberia to visit a ministry operated by a Liberian pastor who worshipped with us for some time last year. They were shown the hospital. The maternity department consists of a stretcher in an otherwise empty room.

Maternal deaths in labor and delivery are high there. There is urgent need for medical equipment and medical expertise. We sent what we could but imagine how transformative the results would be if the Gates or the Trudeaus sent that for which their beneficiaries are asking instead of imposing their will upon them.

Our Message to Africa

As African Mothers Die at World’s Highest Rates, West Offers Abortion: Vatican UN Event

“The true fact of it is that there is no real correlation between legal abortion and maternal health,” Ekeocha said. “There is rather a real correlation between the standards of our health care systems and how women are actually surviving or dying.”
“We need access to real prenatal health care, we need skilled birth, we need care and support after birth,” she said. “This is non-controversial.”

Our message to African women is clear.

We have such sympathy–the poverty, the third-world infrastructure, the lack of medical facilities and expertise! What you women of Africa must endure!

We in the first world want to help. Here’s our solution and we’ve spared no expense. We will happily see to it that you have the funds to reduce your population.

We know, from our own experience, that the one thing standing in the way of your freedom, self-actualization, health, wealth and happiness is your uncontrolled fertility. Throw off the shackles of the patriarchy.

Yes, we help out from time to time. Our 1%-ers send millions.  But let us tell you what your real problem is: there are too many of you. Here’s some money right away to fix that.

Familiar names at the tops of the lists of the wealthy make headlines when pledging millions to provide access to abortion services to third-world women. Such philanthropists wow!

I see no headlines describing the same wealthy names donating their millions to provide even basic necessities like hospital equipment, medications, medical expertise. These are the things that are needed according to the recipients of their largesse.

And how easy it would be for them to alleviate so much suffering. Instead they offer death.



Never Give In

We were asked to move my Mother to a second nursing home because she became too difficult. She has dementia. She cannot remember that we’ve been taking care of her 24/7 for the last three years. She cannot remember that my Dad’s been gone for 30 years.

No one’s going to tell her what to do or keep her against her will. They tried calming her with a mild sedative, then a stronger one. The stronger one effected her paradoxically; it enraged her. They eliminated the drug to no avail. She made for the exits. They put an alarm band around her ankle. But she kept trying to make a run for it.

So the powers-that-were politely asked us to find her a new home.

I wanted to say:  She’s a ninety-six year old woman in a wheelchair with the strength of a kitten. Was she too much of a challenge?

I could have argued but I realized the truth: they were not willing to handle her.

She’s articulate, clever, intelligent, sarcastic. She also has almost no short-term memory and is often confused. She can get belligerent. But I thought nursing homes were where one went to get care when one became disabled, particularly when one was cognitively disabled.

Apparently not so, unless one is cognitively disabled in a compliant sort of way.

In the span of six days at her new place, she has tried to take the elevator down, pulled the fire alarm, and threatened to press charges against the staff. She doesn’t cooperate even when it’s to her benefit, hanging on to the table’s edge when they’re trying to pull her chair out from where she’s wedged herself.  Never give in. She’d make a wonderful protester.

To be fair, when we pushed the elevator button to go home, there was a bag taped to the wall next to it. Yes, they have installed the fire alarm right next to the elevator button. In a dementia unit.

My 96 year-old Mom: kicked out of one home, making the second home create new procedures.

When we get there, she gradually calms down, she jokes, she brags of her badass-ness. We re-orient her, we reassure her. We talk about her grandchildren. We explain that she cannot take care of herself at home right now and so she needs to be there. We take her out to the gazebo. We manage to persuade her to submit to another overnight, we promise to be back next day.

And try to be nice to the staff; they’re just doing their jobs. We’ll be back tomorrow.

This must be repeated every day. Her kids are her only link to stability. She cannot remember new people so everyone else is a stranger. Sometimes our reassurance and persuasion go down fairly well, sometimes it takes hours, and sometimes she still isn’t buying it. She’s going home.

She will never not want to go home. She is nursing home-resistant. I hope the new place is ready for permanent non-compliance because she is not going to assimilate.

I am trying to plant an idea in her mind. Although it may seem cruel, I’m trying to suggest that when you are almost 100 years old, it’s no shame to lean on others. It’s no shame, and maybe even necessary, to accept some help. She could be so much more content.

So far it’s not working.


The Wrong Side of History

Re-posting from awhile ago.

Let’s not be on the wrong side of history. I say this because I like to hope that some future people who descend from us will have rediscovered the moral compass, learned to honor objective justice, found the Truth. If so, they will look back at us and be appalled at our indolence, our indifference in the face of genocidal baby slaughter.

There can be no escape for us as a people.  Multiplied millions of murdered children cannot go unanswered by the conscience of any possible belief system. Only an utter nihilist could deny that the scales will ultimately be balanced and we will be found wanting. A universe which assigns no meaning and passes no judgment upon endless human carnage is an absurd nightmare.

The activities of Planned Parenthood are completely indefensible. If we cannot purge this corporate atrocity from our society, we do not deserve to call ourselves civilized, moral, or even good humans.

I do realize that all abortions are not chosen in as careless a manner as PP advocates that they should be. It may be, for many women, that all available medical advice was to terminate and try again. They may have grieved terribly over having to lose a child they wanted…Or they may have aborted for more elective reasons but felt unaccountably uncomfortable about it after. I realize that there are many women who were urged to abort for what seemed like unarguable reasons.

That’s the problem. If the default of our society  is to err on the side of death in order to solve our problems, and women are confronted with life-and-death decisions when they are at their most vulnerable…death becomes the predetermined result.

Then all those women, as well as their children, become victims of opportunistic corporate interests, and the aggrandizement of relentless political interests. The best and most well-meaning solution that such a society can offer is death as panacea.

Such a value system is inadequate to meet the needs of real life. In real life, unexpected stuff happens, lives are in danger, less than perfect decisions have to be made. If the overarching goal in the face of the unexpected is to get back to our comfort and our plans, no matter what the damage, those decisions will be brutal.

We need cultural change. We need to be honest enough to admit what is clearly before us.  We need to value Truth. We need to be willing to call evil, evil; and good, good.  We need to be a culture which values all human life and devalues none.

When difficult situations come, as they will, our impulse ought to be an honest search for a solution which protects and honors all involved. Our default should not be death for the defenseless ones.