We’re Doomed

I’ve been on twitter today, commenting a lot, which is unusual. I have got myself in a “conversation”, if we can call a conversation a back-and-forth where you cannot see the comment before the last one and you don’t know what you’re responding to sometimes. Twitter isn’t designed for conversations but for gotchas.

Lila Rose tweeted about the poor baby that a celebrity male couple have adopted through surrogacy, and commented that she felt sympathy for the loss this child has already experienced. At one point I added,”Adopting a child who has lost parents is a noble act. Creating a child to be separated from its parents is the opposite of noble. Both types of children have suffered tragic losses but we should not inflict them.”

Oh my goodness. Among the usual suspects of replies one should expect in response to  such playbook issues, I also received replies which asserted the following:

The child is part of the mother’s body and she can do what she wants with it

After the child is born, she can still do what she wants with her property

A woman can donate her baby just as she can donate an organ

The baby is dependent on the mother’s body so yes it it her body

Until we have Brave New a World babies which are not dependent on the woman, women can do whatever the f they want with their babies

A baby is part of her body yes it is all science says so

I argued that neither children nor fetuses are possessions, nor slaves, but to no avail. I’m scared.


There are Only Two Sides

Those who are swept into agreement with what’s the most fervently held popular views because everybody agrees are going to be stunned to find that the truth, God’s view, though it be held by no one but Him, is the only view, the correct view; and that any other view is utterly condemned.

Such are we when we side with political/social movements because we want to think we are the more compassionate people, because we lazily believe the poison pouring out of our screens or speakers, indeed when we choose to side with a side—identify with a tribe.

We had better quickly leave behind our half-measures to be useful for the moment, and join the only party who matters, the only One who is right, the One who will prevail. It is only His righteous way which will ever accomplish the ultimate right anyway. Forbid that we should align ourselves with anything lesser!

The time may be here very soon when we will clearly see that every side has lined up in opposition to the One side, and you and I had better be on His side.

A Few More Words About Relationship

Thinking about your relationships eventually leads to thinking about the relationships you have which are not so good. If you are a conscientious believer in Jesus Christ,  you must be honest and circumspect with yourself about whether you have behaved rightly in those less than ideal relationships. Jesus put an extraordinarily high bar on our relationships.

I was thinking about a person, let’s say X, who I find difficult, who I don’t really trust. Walking away from the relationship is not an option. I must get along and I certainly would never want to be openly unpleasant to X if only for the sake of peace. But my approach has been to be emotionally distant and to give X no further opportunity to injure or make use of me. Sounds like a good strategy, huh?

Then I did something dangerous. I thought about Jesus. Did my part of this relationship meet with his approval? Did I reach his bar for relationship maintenance? And the clear answer was: absolutely not.

The imperative of relationship, Jesus’ imperative, is that we have total integrity in our relationships with other human beings. We are not here to make things easy or comfortable for ourselves; we are here to be holy and righteous. Our imperative, our command, is to persevere through relationships and make them loving to the extent that it depends on us. And what Jesus means by loving is this:

This is my commandment: that you love one another as I have loved you. Greater love has no one than this: that he lay down his life for his friends. You are my friends if you do what I command you.

We are here to become holy. We are here to demonstrate by our every moment what the True God is like. And He loves perfectly. He invented love. He is love.

Yes, especially those relationships we could do without. That in law, that sibling, that old friend. The one who actually has done you dirty.

Rather than distance yourself, literally or emotionally, be ready to be real in that relationship and to engage with that person. Recognize that it will be challenging to stay in and stay righteous. It will probably be impossible. But you have access to a supernatural and inexhaustible supply from outside your own resources.

I’m not saying there isn’t a time to walk away from a relationship which is actually harmful or dangerous. There are people we must leave behind and not see again. And a break up is a break up— that’s a relationship that is over.

Most of our relationships, however, are not so. We should not be so quick to discard other people because our relationships with them are uncomfortable or challenging. It could be you are meant to face that challenge and learn from it. It could be you would be a better friend, or sister, or spouse because you learned how to navigate in that relationship and succeeded in making it a healthy one.

We don’t get a pass on leaving a relationship emotionally because it is a difficult one. We have a responsibility to make that relationship loving if we answer to the God who is love.


P. S. Can we do away with the terms boyfriend and girlfriend when the people being described are no longer boys and girls?  Relationship statuses which were meant to be left behind in teenagerhood because people were supposed to move on to more mature and permanent statuses (significant other) haven’t proved sustainable. But please, a 70-year-old does not have a girlfriend.



Don’t Believe

I was going to cite an example of a post about how we are all lied to virtually all the time, but given the last week’s news cycle, it clearly is not necessary.

I am frankly amazed at the quotes that get passed around on social media, especially on Facebook, by full-grown adults. Many of those quotes are such obvious invention that I am aghast that anyone passes them on. Here’s an easy shortcut: if you see a quote from some famous person posted on social media, there is about 2% chance that that person ever uttered that sentence, that any well- known person ever uttered that sentence, or that anyone other than some unknown and friendless meme-inventor created that quote himself. A handy tip- off: Mother Theresa was Polish and shouldn’t sound like a contemporary Philadelphian, Abe Lincoln had good grammar, and Einstein wasn’t petulant about 21st century politics.

Another quick shortcut: if any news item or quote gives you a burst of happy endorphins, suspect its truth immediately. You are likely being played. You are being used by people who do not care about you.

Some posts which get passed around are just too perfectly perfect to be believed, and we need to be smart enough to disbelieve a report that declares that Politician X secretly eats live kittens for breakfast every morning, especially because we really want to believe that PX is so evil that he would gleefully eat kittens for breakfast. Especially suspect are those excited news flashes about what Politician Z secretly really secretly thinks/wants when there are mountains of acts and statements which demonstrate what he really thinks/wants available for all to see. Look for evidence.

So when will purveyors of lies be held accountable for their intentional disinformation? And how will they be held accountable? It seems like there ought to be some legal safeguard. But let’s be careful. Do we want any government arm arbitrating what’s real and what isn’t? No, because all gov’t arms have their own agendas and they are as corruptible as any other body. Imagine a Department of Reality.

The only real solution puts you and me in the driver’s seat. We have to be responsible to fix this. We have to let go of our rages and our preferences and be reasonable. We must let go of our excessive need for the world to be exactly as we want it to be, and we need to be suspect when we need the world to be so negative. We must detox from outrage.

We are going to have to deal with human beings no matter what solution we choose. Let’s choose one in which we have the freedom to do good even though it means we must put up with those who misuse that freedom to do evil. The remedy is for every one of us to want the good for everyone, then to dust off those flabby organs in our heads and give them a workout. Every day, every hour, every minute.

We must choose to want to know the truth. We must work hard to discover the truth. We must dismiss news that smells bad even though it has a pretty pink bow on it, and throw it in the trash can. Then we must discount every source that handed us that smelly item. Those sources mean us no good and tried to use us for their own power plays.

Facebook posts with the words “ripping,””children,” “mothers,” “arms,” and “Trump” are an EQ test and you failed.

We must seek out truth even when, especially when, it isn’t the truth we prefer. We must be the gatekeepers, the bar holders. Don’t lie to me. I will discard you if you do. You can’t use me anymore. We must be smart and we must value our truths and our minds more than the stroking of our feelings.

Advice for New Writers (Who actually wants to make it *_*) PT II

The second installment from the Sage.

I Don't Know Anything About Writing

It’s been a week since my last guide, and it seems you still want to be a writer. You won’t stop sending me messages, sending me e-mails, sending me hand-written missives that ask, “How? How can we be writers?” I get not a wink of rest or repose. I am tormented, so I will throw you, my loyal readers, this bone.

Last week we talked about taking your writing seriously. We talked about only writing in a field with which you are familiar, and we talked about how emotional attachment has no place on the basketball court or on your keyboard.

Today we will delve into some of the scarier stuff. Buckle up tight and hold on to your butts!

  1. Build your platform

This is an important one that almost always gets overlooked. You need to already have a readership before you publish a book, preferably before you even start…

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Watch This Video Clip

“I am sick and tired of being told that without the right to kill, and without the right to take a human life, I am somehow not equal.”

This young woman in Ireland is making substantive point after point. Today, Ireland will vote on whether to allow the abortion plague into their culture. Please pray for the righteous outcome.

Cecile Richards has told us: “Women are not free without abortion.”

Compare and contrast.