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WHY Defend Planned Parenthood?

One thing has been made crystal clear in the wake of the videos from the Center for Medical Progress, and especially the public reactions of those who still support Planned Parenthood: the fierce dedication to the preservation of one thing: abortion.
But why?  If, as I’ve been told, feminism is really not about abortion, but is simply a struggle for equal rights for everyone, why do the supporters of PPFA defend this one “right” so dogmatically, so uncompromisingly, so blindly?
Can you divorce the actions of Planned Parenthood from feminism? This is all done in the name of feminism, according to its spokespeople everywhere.
It’s time to wake up and smell the implications. They comparisons to be made to Nazi atrocities are easy, obvious…and undeniably fitting.
A question to ponder for women who consider themselves feminists:
Why do you cling to an ideology that requires you to believe that others’ lives are less significant than yours;
and that you must have the unqualified legal right to take the life of another human being, or else you are not able to count yourself truly free;
and that you must conceive of yourself as oppressed if your right to end another person’s life is infringed in any way?
It’s time to reexamine this peculiar ideology, this house of cards which balances all of our rights as women upon one tenet: the right to destroy our own offspring.
It is undeniable now that feminism ‘s spokeswomen and movers have made abortion the foundational element of feminism…its litmus test, its entrance exam, its base, its essence.
Again, why do we want to be feminists?