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Pro-Choice is Not The Virtuous Choice

OK, so let’s get down to fundamentals. If you are pro-choice, your argument is founded on an assumption of higher moral standing. You are fighting for rights, you are taking the high road, you aren’t one of those who want to control women, etc. You are more virtuous, and you signal that fact all you can.

But you are not more virtuous. In fact, your position has no virtue at all.

The prochoice position depends on dehumanizing or otherwise negating the worth of other human beings. Those human beings are the most helpless and innocent there are.

The pro-choice position depends on then advocating for their deaths!

It is all about death. Destruction. Hopelessness. Victimization. Elitism. The advocacy of privilege. The strong imposing their power over the weak. Manipulation. Disenfranchisement. Injustice.

That is my premise, as it ought to be the pro-life movement’s premise. Before you pivot/deflect to: “What about the women’s rights?” please deal with this fundamental question first.

Now please defend your pro-death position.


Okay, I don’t want to declare my undying support for anyone at this point. I don’t see anyone for whom I will likely declare my undying support. I’m sitting here every day watching  people who should know better go slowly insane. I cannot fathom how one could possibly be actually enthusiastic about any of the candidates, especially the ones getting the most vocal support.

Really? You really think…that one..is going to set things right? Let me get this out of the way now.

Okay, the only reason anyone is excited about Bernie Sanders is that Hillary is unthinkable. He’s standing on a mountain of desperation.

Bernie Sanders is the Left’s Donald Trump.

Socialism is a very, very, very bad thing. It will be even worse when we finally do it right.

The U.S. is a representative republic, a democracy. That’s just about the opposite of a socialist paradise. The extent to which our democracy is failing is the direct result and complete fault of the socialist yeast which has been added to our democratic dough. Socialism is the problem in America already, and it’s about to take us down for good.

Bernie Sanders is a full-on socialist running as a Democrat. Donald Trump is a dedicated Democrat running as a Republican. Otherwise the appeal of both seems to be the same.

Donald Trump is a clown.

Trump can say anything he likes because he has a lot of money. He is the CEO, boss, owner, whatever, emperor over his business universe.  There is no reason in his world for him to be diplomatic, other-centered, or to particularly care about anything but his money interests and his unbridled vanity.

There are no negative consequences for him when he acts like an unmoored cannon, an idiot, or a sociopath. He has nothing to lose as long as he is the only person for which he is responsible. You find this refreshing? Is he really speaking for you?

If he becomes our president, he will not be an emperor, a boss, a CEO. He will not be expected to be an autocrat. He will be subject to checks and balances. He will not be all-powerful.  How do you think he’ll transition?  Well?

Haven’t we learned yet?  One narcissistic self-involved diva megalomaniacal tyrant is enough.

There will be a lot to lose when he acts like Trump. He will need to act responsibly on behalf of all of us, and to be mindful of the effect he has, as the leader of the free world, on world politics.

Please, think. You should worry that you get such a big kick out of that guy (whichever guy) telling it like it is, and not giving a crap what anybody thinks about it. Which is apparently the most desirable qualification for presidential candidates today.

You are not going to be voting for Most Popular. Or Token. Or One of Us. Or the Guy Who Will Stick it to Those Jerks.