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The Aquabats at TLA 10/8/15

My  family and I saw The Aquabats back in October but I never finished writing up my little post about it. It’s a good memory.

Seeing the The Aquabats is like going to a concert, a Halloween party, and the Monkee’s film “Head” all in one.  It’s a mixed ages event because there are parents with little kids, ironic college students, pop-punk music fans, and fans of their TV show, The Aquabats’ Supershow. The show is really ALL ages.

It was the second time we saw them at the Theater of the Living Arts in Philly. TLA is the perfect venue for such as they.

My husband and I went there to see art movies when we were students at Phila. College of Art (in the late 70’s- early 80’s). It’s where we saw A Clockwork Orange, Performance with Mick Jagger, and many extremely obscure art films meaning films about artists. It’s always been a vortex of cultural literacy.

The Aquabats spew pop culture references out of that vortex like Krakatoa.

Let me describe: on a screen behind the band are those references in a psychedelic collage which never stops. On the stage are five guys in tights and masks playing Ska-Pop-Punk a la B-52s and being pretty funny. About mid-show, some bad guys in costumes come out and fist-fight with the band.

They are exactly what we art students of the fading punk/ new wave era hoped culture would become. We had a blast.

079  “Shark Fighter

090 There’s always a little drama: Aquabats fighting some bad guys.